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Old Photos With Dogs

Собаки прошлых лет со всего света.

Старинные и старые фото собак.

Фотографии Elizabeth Valovic

Today at my 45th birthday (14 октября 2013 г.) I am feeling especially grateful and nostalgic for all of the TTs I have had in my life for the last 45 years.. I want to share this with all of you..
 .. Pepper was my first TT..I was two years old in this photo in 1970..She would boss me around typical to TT female form! She was early combination Lamleh and Luneville lines.. No doubt a controversial combination in those early years!!!!!

.. In 1977 Ta-Shi of early USA Pri-Su lines, was my second TT.. She was a grand daughter of the two early great TTs in the USA: The English import Ch. Dokham Prin-Su's Caspar ROM and Ch. Shaggar's Zemi Chumbi ROM.. She sparked my passion for TT pedigrees..

...From Ta-Shi's one litter out of Ch. Shalimar's Beau Jangles ,keep the pretty girl.."Mani"..
 Dharma's Princess Mani On-Sa... We are pictured here in 1980.. She was the first TT I bred and showed. She taught so much! I was 12 years old ...

... Mani's son "Rue"..Ch. Dharma's Putt'in on The Ritz was loved being shown..He was the first champion I bred and handled..


Tuula Plathan
We are drinking a toast to the memory of our first Tibetan Terrier, the legendary Int & Nord Ch. Dali-Jarkan Ba-Dok-Pa, who was born 41 years ago, on the 6th of Oct, 1974 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 1990. The heavenly Light Show on his birthday today is quite impressive!


Clare Gamble
"My Grandfather in India with Rinchi, his Tibetan Terrier in the late 1930 s or 40 s."

This is the puppy bitch class at Crufts 1984. I can spot a few familiar faces in the back ground !


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